Health Outreach Prevention Education

The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health: Southeast Region in collaboration with BAMSI


BAMSI, in collaboration with the Department of Mental Health, will develop a Plymouth Area Resource Website for Mental Health Services for Plymouth and Marshfield Public Schools as well as the Collaborative Program in Plymouth.


It is our belief that school aged children and their parents should have knowledge about mental health services in their community and how to access them.

Target Population

Parents and school faculty who have significant concerns around their school age child/students mental health and are living in the districts of Plymouth or Marshfield.


The target population will have increased knowledge about identifying children in need and relevant services for serving these youth. The program will support collaboration amongst school faculty, community providers and parents/guardians.

Description of Services

This pilot project will include:

  1. The development of a web-based resource guide of behavioral health services in the Plymouth catchment area with contact information, referral process criteria and service accessibility;
  2. Outreach extended to Plymouth and Marshfield Schools and DMH staff to identify key liaisons for the project and access current strengths, perceived needs, identifiable gaps and experienced challenges. Strengthen linkages amongst DMH, the public schools and community providers.
  3. A Resource Workshop/Providers Fair will be planned and facilitated in the Plymouth area to further train on the Screening Tool and Resource Guide. Participants will include DMH, providers, schools, Collaborative Community and parents.


The H.O.P.E. team will work collaboratively with school personnel and DMH staff in the identification of gaps and needs and the development of applicable and user friendly tools.


The Helpline office is open for questions and suggestions from 8:30 am through 4:30 pm., Monday through Friday. The Program Director of Helpline may be reached via email, office land-line and/ or agency-issued cellular phone. O 508.584.4357 X67, C 508.208.6104

Program Funding

The program is funded through the Department of Mental Health.

Staffing Composition

Program Director of Helpline, 2 Masters Level Clinicians and a Data Entry Clerk. The program also has limited access to a Child Psychiatrist.