Resources for Teachers & Counselors

This resource guide is a living document; we ask you to convey feedback to us about services and resources we’ve not yet listed, as well as resources we’ve listed that are no longer active.

We intend to invite and support initiatives that increase linkages between school personnel and community-based service providers, and we invite you to communicate with us about opportunities for doing so.

  • Top 10 Things Parents of Children with Special Needs Want Teachers to Know

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  • Children's Behavioral Health Initiative

    The Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) is an interagency initiative of the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services whose mission is to strengthen, expand and integrate Massachusetts state services into a comprehensive, community-based system of care, to ensure that families and their children with significant behavioral, emotional and mental health needs obtain the services necessary for success in home, school and community.

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    What Teachers Need to Know about Students and Mental Health:

    This booklet is about helping teachers understand the complicated
    lives of students with emotional challenges and how mental health
    difficulties can affect their classroom behavior, relationships with
    peers, parents, teachers and other adults, and their academic progress.

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  • Engaging Parents & Guardians

    Parents may be understandably cautious about engaging school personnel for a variety of reasons, this article outlines common parents' concerns and how to address them.

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